What Is The Difference Between An Episcope And Projectors? In-Depth Research

Today we are talk about episcope and projectors.Hope will clear your concept In this In-depth research. Also, projector labs Is the best resource for projector review and projector buying guide.Anyway, lets go for What Is The Difference Between An Episcope And Projectors?

When talking of the projectors and the episcope, you mean all the same thing but the way of use and design is a bit different.  The episcope is a type of projector that was used in the early years back in the 20th century. It was used mainly for research, minerals and many other great things that need to be enlarged for proper viewing. Let’s take a look at how the episcope projector works as compare to the latest projectors.

When starting projecting with the episcope, a sheet has to place in the projector and turns the projector o. A light that is very bright and hot reflects the sheet and goes up to the lens which then focuses the reflection through mirrors and then to another lens that then reflects the image on the screen. The sheet cannot stay in the projector for a long time as the hotness of the light produced cab burn the sheet or even melt it.

The episcope projectors are mainly used to project images of drawings, mineral specimen, leaves, pages of books and many others to the screen to have a better look at them. The Episcope has been termed as the magnifying tools equipment for the artists to enlarge images for lectures or even manufacturing.

On the other hand, projectors are optical devices that projector is moving images or just images on the screen. What most of the projectors does is to project images by shining a light in the transparent lens than to the screen through some latest projector does not take all that time to projector image but rather project images directly by using a laser to do so. Since there are different types of projectors out there the difference between them is too much.

The use of the episcope and projectors could be to display contents on the screen, but the use of each of them is different. The Episcope may not be used for home entertainment since the kind of images it displays is not moving.

Since most of the projectors are video projectors, performances of the projectors are much better.

Projectors have evolved for so many years since the invention of different technologies that were used in the early years. The technologies used to manufacture them keep on changing with the changing technology. Some of the technologies used for the projectors are the DLP, LCD, Laser, LCos, and LED.

We can say that the difference between projectors and episcope is very much and also the use of each of them is different. Video projectors are used in almost all area in business, classrooms and home entertainment. Therefore, episcope is not much used and is well known with artists in the world.


Does The Light Emitted From Today’s Digital Cinema Projectors Harm Our Eyes?

One of the answers to this question will depend on the way the projectors used by users. When the projector is used as intended, then there will not be problems with the light affecting the eyes. The answer is no as when the projector uses the right screen that is suitable for the projector and watching on the screen, is much safe. This is because the light projected on the screen is visible light.

When looking at the projector lens directly, you are exposed to a lot of light that exists on a small area and enough to affect your vision leading to discomfort. The laser lights on the projectors today is not as dangerous as the xenon produced light at the lens and has to produce light output at the upper end of the output range.

Does the light emitted from today's digital cinema projectors harm our eyes

Does the light emitted from today’s digital cinema projectors harm our eyes

It is advisable not to open the projector since the xenon lamp produces a considerable amount of ultraviolet rays and IR. When you open the side panels of a projector operating, you can see the light before it is filtered. What makes it dangerous is the UV light that may cause burns in the eye when looking without a protective mask.

One of the primary questions you should ask yourself is how much time do you spend on your digital projector? With this, you will know how to avoid discomfort. Most of the people spend more time staring at the digital screen all through the week at work.  The lights produced by the projector are made up of electromagnetic particles than travels in waves that emit energy.

The energy is higher when the wavelength is short. Each wavelength represents different waves like the x rays, gamma ray, ultraviolet rays, visible light, radio waves and also the infrared light. Since the human eyes are very sensitive to visible light, they are profoundly affected when exposed especially to the blue color of the visible light as it produces a high amount of energy. It is clear that too much exposure to the blue light may cause long term damage to the eyes.

What makes us be concern about the exposure to blue light is the facts that it flickers and reduce the visual contrast that in the long run affect the sharpness and clarity.

What may be the reason for headaches and eyestrains is the flickering and glaring also making you be physically and mentally fatigued. What makes too much using of the screen and projectors to be a bit dangerous is the computer vision syndrome. The Computer Vision Syndromes is caused by the too much exposure and damages the eyesight leading to vision problems. Here are some of the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome including vision blurred, tired eyes, dry eyes and also neck pain.


How Good Is A Projector With 1500 Lumens For Perfect Quality?

The number of lumens your projector comes with will determine the environment on which you may use it and also the quality of the content displayed on the screen. To be honest, if you are going for a projector with 1500 lumens, you should be willing and expect an experience that is not satisfying and to is used in a dark room. When you are using a projector with a brightness of fewer than 2000 lumens, the content display will be dim for any quality content viewing on the screen plus it requires total darkness.

How Good Is A Projector With 1500 Lumens

How Good Is A Projector With 1500 Lumens

The reason why the quality of the content displayed could not be good and of quality is the resolution it comes with of 800×480. If you are stuck with how to raise the money to buy a decent monitor to use instead of spending a lot on a projector, you may be relieved with the daily dropping on the prices of the monitors in the market. You will find a great monitor in the market with excellent resolution at an affordable price with a better contrast ratio and improved and better viewing experience.

When you are looking for a projector for use at home, and you intend to use it at night, the projector with 1500 lumens will be just okay for you but if you intend to use at the office or for outdoor purposes, I’d recommend looking for a projector with much more lumens of a minimum of 3000 lumens. Projectors with more than 3000 lumens are much better regarding image quality, color, clarity and many others including audio.

When you are getting a projector for the business environment, you have to look for one that has much brightness that even when using in a conference you do not have to shut the windows to avoid distortion of the contents displayed on the screen. Projector with much more brightness tends to be wonderful with clarity and color and also the contents are displayed in great details.

Therefore, the number of lumens in a  projector is a very big determining factor when deciding to choose a projector for your use. Yes, the 1500 lumens projector is good especially in a controlled lighting area but not good enough in a room full of ambient light. When you want a home entertainment projector that you can use at home during the day with the full light on, go for something much brighter than you will enjoy the experience else you will be disappointment.

As we have seen, the 1500 lumens projectors I good enough for anybody to use but if you are looking for something much more significant, go for the one with higher brightness. This way you will have a remarkable experience with the projectors at home while watching your favorite movies and shows. The images will not be distorted at any moment, and also the content displayed will be incredible and not dimmed at any side of the projector.